What is DoD 8140.02 and why is it important?

Mar 28, 2023 | Content, News

DoD 8140.02 is an important document issued by the US Department of Defense (DoD), providing guidance and procedures for the DoD cybersecurity workforce structure and certification. In tandem with DoD 8140.01 and DoD 8140.03, this document defines the DCWF and its relationship to qualification, certification, and cyber workforce management in the federal space. The 8140 standard identifies the necessary qualifications, training, and experience for personnel to occupy certain positions in the DCWF. This document is essential to ensure that individuals in the federal space who are responsible for cyber defense are fully qualified and certified to serve in those roles.

DoD 8140.02 defines the structure and organization of the DCWF (DoD Cyber Workforce Framework) as it applies to the full range of the DoD cyber workforce. The DCWF provides the DoD standard naming and numbering conventions and provides descriptions of individual DoD cyberspace work roles, tasks, and KSATs (knowledge, skills, abilities, and tools). It further discusses the responsibilities of designated personnel to develop policies and procedures related to the DCWF and to collect metrics related to the DCWF. DoD 8140.02 also dictates that https://www.cyber.mil be the website designated to contain all information on work roles, tasks, and KSAs as well as qualification matrices and governance documents.

Section 4 of DoD 8140.02 details the position identification requirements of the DCWF. It discusses the definition of expertise (basic, intermediate, or advanced) and defines a process for selecting the appropriate work role code based on job description and proficiency level. In section 5, the DoD is instructed to gather reporting and metrics on the DCWF and to track and report the qualification status of all cyberspace workforce personnel by work role code. Aries Security’s Capture The Packet platform has rich reporting which makes it simple to view an individual’s proficiency by work role and gather detailed reporting and metrics.

Capture The Packet has been mapped to the DCWF and has thousands of lines of code mapping individual exercises to KSATs. We provide the premiere platform for training and qualifying the workforce in alignment with the 8140 standard.

Having appropriately coded work roles is an essential aspect of the DoD Cyber Workforce Framework (DCWF) and is important for tracking the effectiveness of cyber personnel. By assigning each individual in a cyberspace role a unique code, it allows for easier identification and tracking of their qualifications, tasks, and KSAs. This allows the DoD to accurately report on metrics related to the DCWF, such as qualification status or proficiency level. It also provides visibility into who is qualified for which activities within the cyber workforce so that resources can be allocated accordingly. Ultimately, having properly coded work roles helps ensure that all personnel are working at their highest levels and that they have adequate training to perform their duties effectively.

Overall, DoD 8140.02 is an essential document that provides guidance and procedures for the US Department of Defense’s cybersecurity workforce structure and certification. It defines personnel responsibilities related to developing policies and collecting metrics on the DCWF (DoD Cyber Workforce Framework). Additionally, it provides details about position identification requirements as well as instructions for tracking qualification status by work role code. By following this framework, organizations can ensure they have a secure cyber infrastructure in place with qualified personnel ready to respond quickly when needed.

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