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The Aries Security team has almost two decades of experience running events with attendees ranging from 10 people to over 10,000. Over the years of running events, our team has run every style and format imaginable and specializes in running interactive impactful events in the following formats:


These events specialize in taking groups of any skill level and running them through excercises and training designed to upgrade their skills, or teach them new ones. This event type is perfect for training staff on new and emerging threats, cross departmental training and overall skill assessment. With our administrative back end we can provide in depth reporting for management and leaders, and even provide CPE’s for all participants.


This style of event is great for groups wanting to see how much they’ve improved over time, or want to show off in friendly competition. we can tailor challenge sets based on your skill level, or provide our DEF CON style approach of throwing the absolute toughest at you and seeing how far up the ladder you can get. This style is how we approach our set at bigger shows like DEF CON and Code Blue Security Conference in Japan. 

Team Building

The perfect choice for corporate events, usually achieved with a perfect blend of educational and competitive functions. Like with other event styles, we can custom tailor something to align with your company culture, help bring staff together with fun and informative exercises and provide you with insights on how to keep the momentum up after the event.  

All the moving parts you need

Aries Security has been building events for decades. This has given us a wide range fields and staff to pull from to provide you the best event experience possible. Below are some of our more popular offerings, with enough content to be ran either solo or in combination to make each experience unique:   

Capture The Packet

As our main product, this suite gives us the ability to bring a unique set of challenges to the table for you. Featured in DEF CON, Code Blue, LayerOne and more. Feel free to check out our features page here for more info. 

Packet Inspector

One of two specialized deployments of CTP with a targeted difficulty intended for beginners. As an event, we also have staff on hand with experience in training beginners.

Packet Detective

The other specialized CTP deployment, this acts as a “medium difficulty” that can focus on either quick learning beginners or intermediate players. This of course also comes with trained support staff.

Wall Of Sheep

Our legacy event and fan favorite, WOS is an interactive look in how poor security practices leave us vulnerable. Players can learn how information such as passwords are transmitted and captured in real time.

Sheep City

A fun look into the security of IOT devices. Here players can interact with real world IOT devices and cause havoc on a local network. Staff is present to help players explore tips and exploits for some of todays most used smart home devices.

Sheep Hunt

This event is a real world scavenger hunt, hacker style. Players are armed with tracking antennas and set loose on the event floor to track down hidden wireless beacons. 

Lock Gauntlet

A perfect event for players wanting to learn or improve on their physical pen testing skills. This event provides locks ranging from beginner to near impossible for players to try and beat in time attack style. 

Tamper Evident

We show players what to watch for in tampered documents by learning the tricks first hand in this event. We build custom packages with all manner of tamper devices, then grade contestants on their ability to get in and out unnoticed. 


Our educational team has experience giving interactive workshops and talks on all the most sought after topics in the industry today. We can speak to current zero day threats or tailor a topic to your specific needs.

Everything you need in one resource

As you can see, we can build the perfect weekend event, one day presentation or week long training camp from all our different specialized fields. This puts us heads above the rest in our ability to bring you targeted, educational content anywhere in the world.

Give your event impact

Aries Security can help you create memorable award material. We have artists and merchandisers that are experienced and motivated to bring you the best. For over a decade our team has worked to take merchandising, awards and event site decoration to the next level.

You can leverage us to add that extra flair to your next event and give your team something truly special to remember.


Global Experience

You want a company that has experience standing up successful event around the globe. That is Aries Security. We have been focused on crafting exceptional experiences in the information security industry for over a decade. 

Hosted Events


The Best at running events

We have ran events at most major conferences around the country and the world. Here are just some of the shows you can find us at throughout the year:

The professional touch

We have pinpointed the three main areas organizations need help with the most in event setup, and have come up with a fast and easy system for capturing your requirements and executing on your vision: 


We plan the event with you, getting information about what topics you want covered, and activities you plan on having. This extends to handling location, catering, merchandise and marketing as needed.


Once we have your key items, our staff gets started on content setup, procurement and site design. We will touch base with you during this process to ensure everything meets your standards. 


Now that the details are handled, our staff is on site with the event prepped. We handle all activities, awards, catering and entertainment so you can be in the experience with your team, not administrating.

Contact Us Today, Defend Better Tomorrow.

Aries Security wants to help you prepare for tomorrows cyber threats. Our experienced and knowledgable staff is here to guide you through the process of setting up your event, building your content or installing your range. Contact us today.

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