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In 2015, Congressional Report 114-263 of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Defense Subcommittee directed the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (OASD) for Readiness and Force Training Directorate to:

“Develop, as part of the cyber training curriculum, a competitive hacking environment that includes the ability for participants to build novel working exploits and defend against them.” 

In 2016, after a bid competition, the OASD for Readiness and Force Training Directorate awarded Aries Security a contract to adapt Capture The Packet as a DoD cyber defensive training platform.

The first system was delivered to the US Army (704th Military Intelligence Brigade, Fort Meade) in January 2017. Since then, our system has been deployed and is in use by the US Navy, US Air Force, Marine Corps Cyber Warfare Group (MCCYWG), and USCG. In 2019 we partnered with Metova/Bylight and were awarded the contract by the Air National Guard to build and install standalone CTP Training Systems at each of 18 ANG Cyber Operations Units in the United States. In addition to the US Department of Defense, CTP is also used by the Australian DoD and Department of Homeland Security.

In addition to providing cutting edge cyber training solutions, Aries Security has leveraged its many years of experience running cyber competitions at DEF CON, RSA, Cyber Gauntlet and Code Blue Japan and has won multiple contracts across the DoD. Since 2017, Aries Security has coordinated and managed numerous DoD related cyber competitions. Here are a few we are allowed to talk about:

U.S. Army logo




Awarded sub-contract with Lockheed Martin to deliver integrated cloud-based solution for the US Army Cyber Civilian program.

United States Space Force


Space Force


Delivered a cloud-based system to the Space Force Mission Defense Teams.

U.S. Air Force logo


Air Force


Delivered a cloud-based system to the Air Force.

Artwork for the Packet Hack Village at Hack In The Box 2021

Seccon Japan

Remote Event


We were invited to participate in SECCON Japan. Aries hosted Packet Detective and Packet Inspector online for remote players.

Artwork for the Packet Hack Village at Hack In The Box 2021

Hack In The Box

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


For the first time, Aries Security traveled to the UAE for the Hack In The Box conference. We hosted the Packet Hack Village, which was a great success.

Artwork for the Packet Hack Village at Hack In The Box 2021

ANG PTT-C (Part Task Trainer – Cyber) BLAST

Air National Guard


Partnered with Metova/Bylight on the Part Task Trainer – Cyber (PPT-C) program to deliver 20 TAA-compliant systems for use in classified areas, compatible with the ANG’s Virtual Interconnected Training Environment (VITE).

U.S. Air Force logo


Air Force


Multiple TAA-compliant systems delivered to the Air Force ISR community.

U.S. Navy logo




Delivered a cloud-based system to the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division.

Air National Guard logo

ANG Cyber Gauntlet

Remote Event


Aries hosted a cyber competition event for the Air National Guard.

DEF CON logo

Defcon 29

Hybrid Virtual/Physical Event, Las Vegas, NV


We hosted the Wall of Sheep and Packet Hacking Village featuring talks, workshops, Packet Inspector, Packet Detective, and Capture The Packet, which was once again a Black Badge contest.



Remote Event


Virtual conference at which Aries Security ran a Cyber Gauntlet competition featuring Packet Inspector and Packet Detective.

Air Force ISR Agency


Remote Event


This was a two week PoC event. We ran a full day Aries-driven training & competition.

Cyber Quarantine

Cyber Quarantine

Remote Event


Provided 24 new challenges to meet specific Navy and Army work role qualification needs (JQR & AGT) during this remote event. All attendees received CPE certificates upon completion.

U.S. Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command


Fort Gordon, GA


Aries Security conducted a two day cyber competition for members of MARFOR units throughout the country.

91st Cyber Brigade

91st Cyber Brigade

Fairfax, VA


Aries conducted a cyber competition event for members of the 91st Cyber Brigade.

PCTE Cyber Anvil: Forging the Cyber Training Platform

Cyber Anvil

Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD


Aries Security ran Capture The Packet as one of the main events at a three-day DoD wide cyber competition. Cyber operators from all branches in remote locations throughout the US participated in this prototype exercise of US Army PCTE.

U.S. Air Force logo

Air Force MDT Group

Joint Base Andrews, DC


Aries Security conducted a full day cyber competition for members of the Air Force Mission Defense Teams from throughout the country.

Air National Guard logo

Air National Guard

Warfield ANG Station, MD

2/2018 and returned on 5/2018

Maryland ANG hosted a day-long cyber competition conducted by Aries Security.

Cyber Gauntlet 2017

Cyber Gauntlet

Las Vegas, NV


Aries coordinated and managed a three-day Cyber Olympiad with participation from all four US military academies (West Point, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, and Coast Guard Academy). Competition included 42 concurrent participants with awards and recognition event.

U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency logo

DIA Cyber Training

Quantico Marine Base


Aries conducted a full day cyber training and competition for 84 DIA Counter Intelligence personnel.

Cyber Shield 17 logo

eCyber Shield Exercise

Salt Lake City, Utah


Cyber Shield was a 2 week cyber training exercise attended by over 800 DOD Guard and Reserve personnel. Aries conducted five separate competitions for blue and red teams. 

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We have pinpointed the three main areas organizations need help with the most in event setup, and have come up with a fast and easy system for capturing your requirements and executing on your vision: 


We plan the event with you, gathering information about what topics you want covered and which activities you plan on hosting. These discussions may extend to handling location, catering, merchandise and marketing as needed.


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Now that the event details are finalized, our staff will be on-site to take care of things. We handle all activities, awards, catering and entertainment so you can be in the experience with your team rather than handling hosting duties.

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