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The effectiveness of a cybersecurity operator depends largely on their cyber fitness and conditioning – the equivalent of running 3 miles, doing jumping jacks, burpees, and push-ups. Regular training and practice is the only way to be ready for the next big attack against your organization.

A defender who took a class 9 months ago and hasn’t maintained their skills in the meantime may not be able to bring that training to bear quickly during an attack. When minutes count, it is highly unlikely that they will be able to effectively protect their organization. However, an expert who practices on a regular basis will be ready no matter what comes their way. Our Cyber PT cards are industry leading reports showing the progression of an individual’s skills on our system over time to ensure your staff is ready.

Individual and Team Assessment

CTP has been used for over a decade to train and assess individuals and teams. Both commercial and federal entities use our solution to assess team members and consultants before letting them put their hands on a keyboard to ensure they are ready to defend the organization.

In the military, CTP is used to train on key skills and assess existing troops’ skills to ensure mission readiness. In the education sector, CTP has been used to deliver CPEs and training to users across every major cyber industry.

Sample screens from Capture The Packet

Capture The Packet has been proven across the military as well as government agencies in multiple countries. Customer feedback shows that our solution brings staff up to speed on advanced skills in a fraction of the time of other training, as well as helping them learn totally new concepts. Investing in CTP for your team pays off quickly as they build functional learning in a gamified environment focused on real world solutions.


Make deep observations into your users’ strengths and weaknesses across multiple disciplines, with analytics based off answer times, hints, and more with our advanced reporting. 


Look into your users by department, division, location and more to identify which groups are keeping training up, and where your organizational strengths are.


Use our rich reporting to drive education in targeted problem areas using our gamified training system. Identify skill gaps and remedy them easily.

Example report from Capture The Packet
Example team report from Capture The Packet
Sample CPE certificate from Capture The Packet.

Full Circle Training

At Aries Security, we have your back. No matter where your team is in the training process, we provide support and content updates to ensure that you have the best solution possible. Once you’ve assessed and analyzed your people, you can put our system to work to get your team in fighting shape.

Our powerful analytics give you the ability to track training and advancement within our system. This gives you the edge in being able to award CPEs to in-house staff, applicable to:


CISSP, Security+, GSEC, CEH, CISM, CISA and more!

That’s the power of Cyber PT, a full service solution that gives you all the tools to keep your teams fighting fit, anytime, anywhere.

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