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One of the top cyber training ranges and skill assessment suites used by governments and corporations across the world. Here’s why:

Taking you to the next level of Cyber Security training

Whether you are connected via internet or need a completely stand-alone solution, we have you covered.

Hardware Appliance

Provide your team with a stand-alone portable appliance for use anywhere around the world.

Cloud (SaaS)

Keep your team connected from anywhere and scale with your demands.

Host Your Own Live Hackathons

Bring conference style educational competitive events to your organization.

Custom Cyber Range Content

Customized content developed to meet your individual training needs.


Show your leadership and the world your team has the skills to get the job done.

Training with us also gets your team Certified Professional Education Credits across hundreds of skills and over a dozen categories that can be used towards keeping certifications such as:

CISSP, Security+, GSEC, CEH, CISM, CISA and more!

The key to Cyber security Readiness

Are you prepared to take your team to the very top of cyber security readiness? This is how we get you there.

Gamified Training

Are you engaging your team with your current training? Our gamified environment gives your users the feeling of achievement as they progress through challenges and education modules alike.

Network Simulation

Can you give your team real world challenges? On our platform, your team will be learning and refining skills using real world network traffic. 



We know cybersecurity is a team effort. Our platform supports learning and competing as a team but allows your leaders to see skill gaps at both team and individual resolutions


Educational Mode

Need a learning platform that will help you bring your staff up to speed on the newest threats? We have a track record of improving techniques for threat handling in ways that make real world sense.

Targeted Content

Do you want access to new challenge and training content tailored directly to your mission and updated quarterly? You can also build a curriculum from existing frameworks like NICE, right out of the box.

Advanced Reporting

Do you want to take advantage of industry leading reporting and metrics? Using Cyber PT, our unique system tracks user strengths, weaknesses and reveals ways to improve them over time. 

Full NICE Support

Gamified cyber training has unprecedented training value, especially  when combined with NICE work role mapping. we have mapped NICE work roles to our existing content as well as developed custom NICE content. We are one of the only Cyber Ranges to have this deep an integration with this educational standard.

Trusted By The World’s Top Companies and Government Agencies

cyber professionals choose Aries Security

Are you ready to join the thousands of organizations taking advantage of our laser focused  training, top level assessment and most advanced challenge content in the industry? Over the past decade, this has made us the primary choice for government, military and corporate clients worldwide.

Cyber Security professionals

Government Agency Professionals

Military Users

Corporate Professionals

From Our Clients

Our clients across the globe agree: Capture The Packet is the best way to keep their people mission ready, anytime, anywhere. This is what they have to say: 

CTP has done a great job of keeping our investigators highly motivated

Dennis Lalena

Senior Advisor Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security

It can’t be stated enough how much the game-like feel helps. Our people forget they are training and just focused on seeing how high they can get that score

Team Leader, United States Air Force

“CTP provides a realistic training environment for individuals and teams, and its speed and flexibility will help the Department train cyber operators at all levels”

Frank DiGiovanni

Senior Executive Service, Force Training Directorate, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense

The level of content here is amazing, we were not expecting this kind of variety.

Director, Department of Defense

 “If you train regularly, you will respond naturally when the inevitable occurs.”

Hazel Cerra – Criminal Investigator at United States Secret Service

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