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Capture the Packet is one of the most convenient solutions for companies and organizations around the globe. We provide a Virtual Desktop for each individual to log into and play from through partner hosted cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, or custom solutions where needed. Our solution helps you reduce the costs and headaches of managing the virtual desktops to virtually nothing. We offer two different desktop types based on your needs:

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Dedicated Desktops

Each user has their own dedicated desktop.  This provides persistence on the system, and a consistent user experience. Users can configure their desktop however they like, and administer their own systems.


Pooled Desktops

Users are assigned a system from a pool of available virtual desktops that are always “fresh”.  While users can add or remove any software they wish from the virtual desktop while using it, every time they log in they will receive a clean instance of the OS.


Customer Satisfaction Rate

Average Yearly Content Updates

Average Yearly Software Updates

  • Government Clients Using Cloud Solutions 62% 62%
  • Military Clients Using Cloud Solutions 34% 34%
  • Commercial Clients Using Cloud Solutions 86% 86%
Sample login screen from Capture The Packet.
Sample login screen from the Capture The Packet remote portal.

The Perfect Solution for global leaders 

Our virtual desktop environment is highly customizable. By default our customers receive a Kali Linux desktop, though we have built many other virtual desktop templates to fulfill customer needs: for example, we provided Windows desktops to Cyber Patriot students in 2020. We have provided different flavors of Linux and Windows to our various government and commercial customers. In addition, we can add servers into the environment running key software that your organization uses by day – a shared Elastic Search, graylog or Splunk server are some examples. Some other advantages to our cloud range include:


Fully Customizable

Add any tool you need to the environment. Whether it’s a desktop productivity tool or a commercial tool needed for practice (with a customer-provided license), we can make it happen.

Total Control

Use your company’s Virtual Desktop image!  We can take your customized virtual desktop image and host it for your users. This allows your team to use the desktop and tools they are familiar with during training.

Always Available

You can connect to our training and assessment platform with the same standard internet connection you are using for work, from anywhere on the globe.

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