Partner Spotlight: Redhorse and Aries Security

Jun 29, 2021 | Content, News

A person in military fatigues typing on a laptop.

At Aries Security, we partner with companies and organizations that make it possible for us to fulfill client needs to the letter. We work in both classified and unclassified spaces, providing technology and services to military and government clients. The sensitive nature of some of this work means that we can’t always discuss the details of our projects with the public – but we can share this one.

The client? The Department of Defense’s U.S. Cyber Command’s (USCYBERCOM) Cyber Mission Force (CMF).
The partner? Redhorse, a data transformation company with a proven track record in creating and delivering large-scale projects in several sectors, including federal civilian, defense, and homeland security.

The CMF’s mission is to plan, direct, and synchronize full-spectrum cyberspace operations to deter, disrupt, and defeat adversary cyber actors – and they needed a new way to train.

The DoD Personnel and Readiness, on behalf of the Cyber Mission Force (CMF), sought a realistic, simulative and portable cyber training environment for individual and small group training, envisioned as a Lightweight Individual and Group Cyber Trainer (LIGCT). By leveraging Redhorse’s top-tier consulting expertise and our own years of experience providing solutions, we were able to give the CMF exactly what they needed.

We worked with Redhorse to design and build a robust, mobile, immersive training platform based on our proven Capture The Packet trainer – a serious game built by hackers to provide training for all levels of experience. The package was provided in a military-speced ruggedized fly-away form factor, able to deliver peak performance under challenging conditions. This made it possible for the CMF to provide an on-demand realistic training environment for groups of up to 50, anywhere, anytime.

This implementation of Capture The Packet emulates hundreds of thousands of network nodes across a wide spectrum of simulated hardware and software. The platform provided the CMF with progressively challenging individual and team training, game progress and proficiency tracking for both individuals and teams, and a rehearsal mode for refresher training.

Using their new technology, the CMF is now able to train anytime and anywhere. They can customize their training to address specific tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), as well as to identify and remedy skill gaps. Through our partnership with Redhorse, we were able to develop and deliver the right solution – and our national security is stronger as a result. That’s a story we’re proud to be able to tell.

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