Cybersecurity: Train Like You Fight

Jul 13, 2021 | Content, News

A recent article by Security Magazine highlighted the hazards of relying on one-time learning to prepare cybersecurity professionals. The author cites research to support the idea that, rather than focusing on annual training courses and cram sessions, people retain knowledge more effectively through continual education and microlearning.

“Training that is built around microlearning is remembered. It was Hermann Ebbinghaus’ pioneering research in the late 1800s that ‘discovered that without any reinforcement or connections to prior knowledge, information is quickly forgotten—roughly 56% in one hour, 66% after a day, and 75% after six days.’ To increase retention, it is essential to make as many connections as possible and repeat the information. An hour of training—or worse: longer—once a year, isn’t how people learn and retain information. People learn from continual review and building concept upon concept Just like one doesn’t go to the gym once a year to keep muscles fit, the mind is a muscle. Exercise and train daily in small doses to maintain and improve performance. Those daily sessions are microlearning—this is how the mind works best.”

Microlearning is functional learning

Aries Security’s cyber range is built around the concept of microlearning. We believe that educational courses, training, and certificates provide a foundation, but keyboard time is critical for learning. Learning cybersecurity is like learning a foreign language. Occasional refreshers will keep some basic vocabulary alive, but regular practice is essential to fluency. By incorporating consistent training on a quality cyber range, organizations can rest assured that when attackers strike, their people will be ready and able to respond.

Real threats, real training

The enemy never sleeps. That’s why we provide regular content updates to our customers. As new adversary TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures) evolve, our training content evolves to match them without neglecting the fundamentals. Cybersecurity is an ever-changing field, and we know that professionals need to keep their skills up-to-date in order to remain effective. In a world where the attacks change on a daily basis, annual training is not enough.

Sets and reps

You wouldn’t go for a run once a year and expect to be in shape for a marathon, would you? The same principle applies to learning. Regular reinforcement is they key to staying sharp. Just like soldiers have to perform regular physical training to stay in shape, cybersecurity pros must practice their skills regularly to maintain fitness, which is why we developed our Cyber PT® process. And by spending time on the cyber range doing the equivalent of reps and sets, teams can ensure that everyone stays in shape.

Stay strong, stay fit

Much like physical fitness, cybersecurity skills weaken without regular training. In order to remain competent, whether doing offense or defense, professionals must have access to continual practice and education that reflects real-world scenarios and threats. No industry is bulletproof against cyberattacks, but investing in a solid training program that incorporates microlearning makes it possible to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

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