Capture The Packet Event Feedback

Jan 6, 2022 | Content, News

Aries Security regularly conducts hands-on events to demonstrate the capabilities of Capture The Packet for prospective clients and conduct preliminary training. We collect feedback after these sessions to learn where we can improve and how the experience was received.


Employee Feedback

We recently hosted an event for a major aerospace and defense contractor. Unfortunately, per their corporate communications policy, we cannot disclose their name or use their company logo. However, we are permitted to share employees’ anonymized comments publicly.

What was your favorite part about today’s event?

“The style of the training, I find it more enjoyable when it’s hands-on, interactive and not someone reading through PowerPoint slides.”

“The platform in general was very easy to use and I was impressed with how much functionality it contained.”

“It was at your own pace with the ability to reach out for support when needed.”

What was your favorite challenge and why?

“I enjoyed the network reconnaissance challenge the best (enumerating the host to determine the hidden information).”

“Any multitier challenge that required multiple steps (e.g. sniff out a file, manage to obtain it, then examine it). I allowed you to piece together multiple techniques into a single challenge.”

“The forensic challenge was my favorite. It required an understanding of an MD5 hash and it was certainly deceiving. It also taught us about MD5 hash collisions.”

“FTP Binary Recreation. Haven’t seen that in a CTF.”

What was your favorite feature of Capture the Packet and why?

“I enjoy the challenge board to see how I stack up against my peers. I find it very motivating.”

“The different level of difficulty between the different challenges. There were some that felt like a given to keep you motivated while others continued to challenge you with each step.”

“The FAQ and learning center was extremely helpful and inciteful for locating tools to help out with the challenges.”

How would you describe Capture the Packet to your peers?

“Practical hands on training that challenges you to learn different cybersecurity methods. Although there is help available, the environment forces you to be self-sufficient and develop your cybersecurity training.”


“Similar to the Capture the Flag, but worth CPEs 😀 and really good refresher trainings. [company name redacted] MUST get this service. Especially since it looks like everyone of our customer’s has been using this training for the Ops, Training, and Proof of Concept/Recruitment that said individual really knows their stuff before taking on responsibilities of a job function.”

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