Aries Security To Host Hacker Contests At SECCON 2021

Dec 14, 2021 | Content, News, Press Release

Aries Security will be hosting virtual contests at SECCON 2021 to help beginners learn basic hacking skills and provide more advanced training to professionals.

SECCON is a Japanese cybersecurity conference established for the purpose of discovering and training practical information security personnel and providing a place to practice technology.

Aries Security was founded by Brian Markus in 2008, and regularly hosts hacker contests at DEF CON, Black Hat, LayerOne, and other security conferences to provide education and training to the community at large.

“We’re thrilled to be participating in SECCON this year. Due to COVID, this year’s conference takes place online, whichmakes it possible for us to hosta contest halfway around the world and administerit remotely.” said Markus.

“Aries is a company of hackers, and we haven’t forgotten our roots. Our goal is to provide the very best training and assessment experience in the industry through our product, Capture The Packet.”

“By hosting contests like Packet Inspector and Packet Detective, we’re able to take things one step further and support the community directly.”

Packet Inspector and Packet Detective areJeopardy-style contests which run on a license of Aries’ premiere training range and skill assessment suite, Capture The Packet.

These games provide challenges suitable for all levels, from newbie to expert, and will be free to play for SECCON attendees.

SECCON will take place online December 18 and 19, and more information is available at

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