Aries Security Joins Forces With Lockheed Martin & UKI To Accelerate Skills Development For U.S. Army’s Civilian Cyber Workforce

Nov 28, 2022 | Content, News, Press Release

Service members and civilians participate in Cyber Flag 22.

Aries Security is proud to support the U.S. Army’s civilian cyber personnel in their efforts to maintain cyber readiness and train for 21st century challenges. We have recently been selected as the primary content provider for the U.S. Army Career Civilian Management Activity (ACCMA) program for cyber personnel. With ACCMA, the Army will be better equipped to ensure that its civilian cyber workforce is ready to meet the demands of the modern world. This program will support up to 17,000 U.S. Army civilian cyber personnel.

ACCMA combines best in class Mission Readiness & Reporting (MR2) from Lockheed Martin, OpenDash Learning Management System from UKI and world class Capture The Packet content from Aries Security, all running on Amazon’s AWS GovCloud. Aries Security is providing training and skills assessment content for the civilian cyber workforce along with UKI, while Lockheed Martin’s MR2 will cover the majority of the analysis and analytics to address workforce skills development.

Through Aries Security’s Capture The Packet content, cyber personnel will have access to hundreds of hands-on exercises, new trainers, and a comprehensive knowledge base all mapped to the DoD Cyber Work role Framework (DCWF). Work done on this project enables the Aries technology to seamlessly integrate into many other existing learning systems, both civilian and military.

“Bringing Aries content to the Army’s cyber personnel enables them to maintain readiness with real-world hands-on exercises versus the industry standard multiple-choice framework,” said Brian Markus, CEO of Aries Security. “We are dedicated to providing high-quality training based on current tactics, techniques, and procedures, and we regularly provide content update packs so that trainees can stay ahead of the curve.”

Aries Security is proud to be working with the U.S. Army to provide support for the civilian cyber workforce. By incorporating modern solutions to cybersecurity training and assessment, the ACCMA project will help Army personnel be better prepared and more successful in their mission.

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