Aries Security Bringing Hacker Expertise to the Navy

Sep 7, 2021 | Content, News, Press Release

U.S. Navy technicians work on computer simulations.

Hacker-developed “Capture The Packet” technology set to collaborate with U.S. Navy to revolutionize how we train and evaluate our nation’s top cyberdefenders

This month, Aries Security founder Brian Markus announced that the company plans to bring its critically acclaimed Capture The Packet (CTP) simulator and skills assessment suite to the U.S. Navy’s Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division. A move to improve cybersecurity training for the nation’s most secure networks, this collaboration will train defenders to be more technically capable in defending against a wide variety of complex real world attacks. With unlimited customization options, scalability, and cutting-edge assessment technology, CTP will revolutionize the training and vetting of cybersecurity professionals.

Aries Security is best known for creating the Wall of Sheep, famously featured at DEF CON and BlackHat, pioneering awareness of Juice Jacking, and is well known throughout the world of network security. Lauded throughout the hacker community as the most sophisticated cyber simulator on the market, CTP has been recognized at conferences like DEF CON, Cisco, Hacker Halted, and RSA NetWitness and Security Analytics conferences.

Aries founder Markus created CTP to train and realistically assess candidate and employee skillsets via emulated hacker activity. Markus said, “This program is intended to combat the problem of ‘paper tigers’ — candidates who look good on paper in terms of degrees and certifications, but have little technical expertise — getting placed in critical positions where they fail to deliver. They represent a real, expensive danger to companies. It’s an issue we’ve been researching for over 15 years, and we are excited to be able to offer solutions to the Navy.”

About Aries Security:

Aries was founded in 2008 and is based in Wilmington, DE. Aries specializes in cyber security training simulators, security awareness campaigns, custom tailored threat briefings, white papers, security architecture and design, custom traffic generation, intelligence gathering, and custom training. It is dedicated to security research, education, and awareness. Brian Markus, CEO and President of Aries Security lead the development efforts on Capture The Packet. Mr. Markus has developed other industry-recognized tools such as Packet Detective, Phishing Executable Toolkit, Clip Clean, KeyMetrics and Wall of Sheep. He is recognized as a leading expert on ethical hacking, cyber security, steganography, and IT forensics.

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