The Silence Is Over… Cyber Shield 2017!

Jul 15, 2017 | News

If you were wondering what we were up to last month in Utah, wonder no more, because we finally got “official” approval to tell it all.  

We participated in Cyber Shield 2017, where the Army National Guard invited my company, Aries Security to demonstrate our Cyber Training Simulator Capture The Packet (CTP) at the recent 2017 Training Exercise at Camp Williams, Utah.

Cyber Shield is a premiere exercise where the National Guard Bureau hosts for all 50 states and four territories to bring in their cyber defense operation elements, which helps protect critical infrastructure and networks.  Cyber Shield is designed to train National Guard members on cyber protection, network defense, forensic analysis, tactics, techniques and procedures defense against cyber attacks, hackers, or other bad actors.

The overwhelming response to the training with Capture The Packet (CTP) was extremely positive with 100% of participants agreeing that this was valuable training.

Can it work for you and your company? “Absolutely,” because our Capture The Packet  (CTP) Training Simulator is a stand-alone, portable and readily deployable product that offers real life training scenarios customized to meet the needs of the client – in this case it was the DoD, but it can be customized for you, too.

Contact Us Today, Defend Better Tomorrow.

Aries Security wants to help you prepare for tomorrows cyber threats. Our experienced and knowledgable staff is here to guide you through the process of setting up your event, building your content or installing your range. Contact us today.

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