Capture The Packet Build 4.7.3

Jun 20, 2022 | News

Build 4.7.3 of our flagship product, Capture The Packet, is live! Here’s what’s new in this update.

New Features

Added Development category to system.

Bug Fixes

Improved cache refresh performance.

Fixed Capture The Packet game board so that when a live service is stopped, question information reverts to template.

Fixed bug in active games causing noise traffic to stop unexpectedly.

Fixed bug on Capture The Packet game board regarding erroneous client disconnection message when trying to download a challenge file.

Changed Capture The Packet Knowledge Base link in header to now open in a new tab.

Fixed Capture The Packet Group Manager to properly save changed users in groups.

Fixed Capture The Packet SSO implementation for RDG authorization.

Fixed Capture The Packet Challenge Set Usage CSV feature to display the correct report name when generated.

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