Capture The Packet AWS Partnership a Success at DEF CON

Aug 15, 2020 | News, Press Release

In even more news on the DEF CON front, we are celebrating our integration with AWS to bring Capture The Packet, in all it’s forms, to the world during the conference! While we entered into this integration with caution, as you should when incorporating new technologies, we are happy to report integration was not only successful, but surprisingly easy.

We were able to use AWS’s infrastructure and API to automate the spin up of environments for Capture The Packet, Packet Inspector, Packet Detective and our multiple workshops.  Having everything scripted gave us the ability to quickly build and tear down machines, not only saving us money by only having the machines running which were required at any given time, but also ensured that the process was straight forward and that engineers time was efficiently being spent during the event.

We are very excited and encouraged to see what possibilities further AWS integration will bring to our users across the globe. We would also like thank AWS for sponsoring us during the conference, and look forward to working with them in the future.

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