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May 29, 2018 | News

We are Aries Security, and for over a decade our business has been leading the charge in InfoSec training and assessment. Our industry trusted and globally implemented software suite, Capture The Packet, is proudly entering version 4.2, which brings multiple enhancements to our already extensive professional assessment and training platform.

With the 4.2 launch of Capture The Packet, teams and individuals can now gain experience in a wider variety of real world threats. You can now gauge your teams ability against over a dozen challenge categories and get accurate assessments of over fifty real world InfoSec skills. Our upgraded UI places your team in a completely gamified environment, offering an achievement system to boost user confidence, full reporting backend and improved announcements. Additional features aim to streamline user integration, administrative analytics and scenario building.

Capture The Packet has been praised by military personnel for its rapid deploy-ability, and the ability to run the entire system network independent, meaning that all challenges and features are contained in its mobile rack. This has been applauded as a key feature, making CTP usable in any global scenario.

One lt. colonel in the US Army was quoted as saying, “Excellent option for ALL National CPTs/NDTs. System is portable, with support. Easily able to maintain spaces between missions. Not required to obtain time at another facility.”

Another T Sgt in the US Air Force said, “Wish ALL the training I received were hands on like this class. I learned more today than I have in 1 year of online training. This is how we should gear all cyber training”

Governments around the globe and Militaries have weighed in: The portability, scalability, ease of deployment, along with constant upgrades and challenge additions make CTP a solid choice for any organization that wants to ensure they have a solid InfoSec team.

If data protection is important to you and your organization, Capture The Packet is fast becoming the industry standard for assessing teams and individuals in an ever changing cyber landscape.


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