CTP Earns Another Black Badge, Adds More Features

Aug 29, 2018 | News

With August, and DEF CON 26 in the rear view, we here at Aries Security can look back in pride. Capture The Packet had the honor of being a DC Black Badge event for the eighth time, getting us closer to the ten year mark. Everyone in the company can take pride in that achievement, knowing Black Badge selection is never a given, and coveted at the event. But that isn’t the only thing we can look back on this DC that went right.


We expanded our community outreach this year as well. We’ve always had one of the biggest village footprints at DC as the Packet Hacking Village, but this has always been a happy side effect from trying to cram as much educational content into our venue as possible. The Packet Inspector event was new to the floor this year, meaning that we now run no less than three iterations of Capture The Packet at Def Con, which empowered us to engage hackers of all levels from beginner through to advanced. Outreach continued with the expansions of our talks and workshops, which spread InfoSec education further, and generated money for charity. On top of that, we premiered a second event, our walkthrough workshops, which gave attendees a change to build honeypots and learn lockpicking in a DIY, learn as you go fashion. Safe to say this DEF CON was a hit.

You might think we stopped there, but we didn’t. On our development side, Capture The Packet has moved into its 4.3 iteration, adding new and requested features for our customers. The backend saw a redesign of the active game monitor, adding round pausing and resuming. This feature brings improvement to our game admins, as well as the ability to purge unfinished games, which improves the accuracy of our analytics engine. Also new to admins, we’ve increased the granularity of our player search functions, adding the ability to search players, and search player data with custom views. This empowers our customer to quickly get a snapshot of each player in a round while focusing only on the player info they need at the time. Along with these changes come a handful of UI improvements, and as always, new challenges in the production pipeline.

We at Aries Security take our responsibilities seriously, we know governments and companies rely on us to provide a cyber range and assessment suite to help keep their data and infrastructure safe. They know we do our best at keeping a finger on the pulse of the hacker community, so we can bring the newest threats and tools to table for the people we help protect.

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