CTP Rules

Capture, Analyse, Conquer!


The number of rounds depends on the event CTP is being hosted at. Typically, the game consists of several main round and 1-2 final rounds


Each individual may only compete once.  
Each player/team will compete in one main round.  Top scoring players/teams will be entered into the final round(s).


Teams that win a round must score at least 500 points to be moved to the final round.

Blue not Red

This is NOT an attack game, this is a network forensic discovery challenge. You may NOT attack any service, team(s), or the network. Anyone caught will be immediately removed from the game and publicly shamed.

Self aware

Remember you're at a security conference. While we try to plan for everything, there are often unforeseen equipment and personnel failures. 


Teams may not exceed 2 members.
Any assistance outside the team results in disqualification.