Aries Security has a long and proud history of serving government agencies around the globe. We have assisted in training & skills assessments, prototype development and cyber security briefings to name a few. Below you can review all information you may need to make the educated decision in choosing us to meet your needs.


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Our core competency is to provide software and hardware solutions for offensive and defensive cybersecurity training and assessment. We take clients beyond check box and tool dependent thinking and help keep their skills sharpened so they can always be mission ready. We bring to our customers extensive and pioneering security knowledge. We manufacture an industry tested skill building training suite, complete with industry leading challenge content, which prepares teams for any threat.


Capture The Packet (CTP) Cyber Range & Skills Assessment Suite that offers a user-friendly interface, is capable

of expanding challenges and is suitable for individual users, or entire teams. We have training available for major threats, obscure tactics, and everything in between via content developed for our platform. Our reporting capabilities can offer you a granular look at your team’s real-world competency, as well as giving you detailed analysis data for improving your team members’ skill gaps. CTP has ready, out of the box capabilities, is portable and doesn’t require the long approval/accreditation delays of most solutions, as it is self-contained, and never needs to be hooked to your network. It allows you to test your team against live threats, evaluate offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as have an actionable growth strategy from day one of rolling out the suite.



Capture The Packet (CTP) Cyber Range Skills and Training Assessment Suite


CTP offer’s both training and skills assessment through hands-on gamified real-world challenges. We offer a portable, light-weight suite as well as a cloud version of the solution.  This provides the ongoing ability to practice the skills learned. The rich reporting and skill assessments data allows leadership to put the right people in the right job saving time and money.


Capture the Packet is a proven solution and the result of over eight years of development by recognized cybersecurity experts. The system has been evaluated and used at major Hacker events including DEF CON at the Packet Hacking Village, Cyber Gauntlet, National Defense University Cyberspace Security Training Events and other venues.




  • Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) system with proven DoD Past Performance and Customization
  • Stand-alone solution that does not require Internet connection
  • Portable - can be carried by one person and able to be setup or torn down in less than 30 minutes
  • Provides both offensive and defensive cyber skills training
  • Out-of-the-box ready challenges and scenarios
  • Challenges provide option to use either Network Traffic or Download Content
  • Ability to train on live nation state level malware in an isolated network
  • Provides ability for Administrator to adjust Noise Traffic to vary difficulty of challenge
  • Provides training to develop 80 or more Cyber Security Skill sets
  • Scalable through the addition of new or upgraded challenges and scenarios which are included with Annual Maintenance
  • Provides opportunity for selection up to four levels of difficulty for each challenge – Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert
  • Offers customizable challenge options
  • Provides Round Monitor to view live activity during round
  • Provides hands-on interactive gamified learning environment
  • Provides live updated Leader Board to promote competition and reward skill development
  • Multifunctional system supporting Skill Assessment, Pre-Cyber School Prep, Pre-Mission Train-up and Mission Sustainment
  • Provides Anti-collusion feature using unique user-specific scenarios
  • Ability to conduct both individual or team evaluations
  • Provides Team Reporting including Team Analytics, identify Strengths/Weaknesses, and Team Comparisons.
  • Provides Individual Reporting including Metrics, Baseline Comparison and Cyber PT Card
  • Portable scalable system that supports Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE)
  • Ability to train large groups on one system, 20 or more at a time
  • Complements or expands capability of existing Cyber Training environment


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To learn more or arrange a demo, please contact us:

Email: sales@capturethepacket.com

Phone: (302) 669-9CTP or (302) 669-9287



"Excellent option for ALL National CPTs/NDTs. System is portable, with support. Easily able to maintain spaces between missions. Not required to obtain time at another facility.”

 LTCol US Army


"Wish ALL the training I received were hands on like this class. I learned more today than I have in 1 year of online training. This is how we should gear all cyber training"



"Software is solid”

Cmdr US Navy


"I recommend this exercise to all military/civilian/contractor personnel!”

Civilian Contractor Intelligence Agency


"There should me more hands on training like this!"



"SO SO SO much better than Power Point! Makes me think and is super rewarding!"

Sgt US Army

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