Testimonial #1

"Capture The Packet is definitely a challenge. It's a game, but it makes you solve real problems and puts your skills to the test. I played for about an hour and got frustrated a few times it throws a lot at you. I was pretty happy with my score and I'd like to do it again." Tim Lister is a network security expert who works for a consulting firm in Burbank, California. His company provides network infrastructure, network security, and physical security for government agencies. He's been interested in computers since childhood and started his professional career in tech support. Since 2003, he's focused on network security.  

Testimonial #2

"Nothing really compares to Capture The Packet. No other personnel evaluation tool focuses on as many network traffic analysis skills and can be customized so you can weed out applicants very quickly. For me, Capture the Packet was tough, but fun. I found out I could recognize more types of problems than I knew how to fix so I fixed that." Carl "Vyrus" Vincent is a self-proclaimed nerd who learned to build radios from his grandfather, a fellow nerd who worked in the aerospace industry. Carl first attended Def Con as a teenager and earned money doing small IT projects while still in high school. Today, he is a senior security analyst at AppSec Consulting in San Jose, Calif.

Testimonial #3

We have had a sting of candidates (highly degreed and certified) with amazing resumes and enough skill to talk their way into jobs. When they started the hands-on work for us, we found they couldn't backup their cert's or degrees with actual hands-on skills. In one case it took us almost six months to figure out that one of the candidates had never even logged into a real router before! Capture The Packet is exactly what we needed to weed out the can-do's from can't-do candidates! **

Testimonial #4

To be honest, I was really nervous when they brought CTP into our department for assessments. I have years of hands-on experience, but no degree. After the assessments were done, our leadership's mindset and beliefs completely changed. It was no longer about the guy who could take tests well, but about the guy who could do the work the best. They used the reports to actually build meaningful development plans for the entire team and were able to justify much needed training for a number of people. I have no reservations recommending CTP to anyone. **

Testimonial #5

This assessment is no joke! I've been a network engineer for over 15 years and a forensic analysis for 5 and I was having a heck of a hard time. They did a really good job making this realistic. I especially like how they are able to customize the assessments, and make it harder or easier based on our companies needs.  **

Testimonial #6

I train hundreds of students a year and I needed to find a way to increase their overall retention rate. I've tried all sorts of tricks with about the same results. I contacted the creators of CTP to see if they would be willing to create several very specific rounds of their game to augment my lectures. In no time, they were able to produce exactly what I was looking for. The tools reports let me know what my students were getting and what I needed to modify in my curriculum. After the second group of students, I threw out one of my modules all together and started from scratch. My retention rate has shot through the roof. I highly recommend this to anyone teaching that wants to validate what they are teaching sticks. **

**Above are noted testimonials are from cyber warriors who took the challenge but wanted to remain anonymous.   
Note about privacy: All identifying client information is kept in strict confidence for the protection of our clients, many of whom are high profile Fortune 500 companies.  The testimonials above were sanitized and posted with their permission.