Wall of Sheep

The Wall of Sheep is an interactive demonstration of what can happen when network users let their guard down.

We benignly monitor the traffic on a network, looking for evidence of unprotected/unencrypted users logging into email, web, or other network servers. Those we find get put on the "Wall of Sheep" as a good-natured reminder that a malicious person could do the same thing we did...with far less friendly consequences.

More importantly, we strive to educate the "sheep" we catch, and anyone who wants to learn, how to use free, easy-to-use tools to prevent leaks in the future.

Capture the Packet

Contestants will attempt to solve a number of challenges varying in difficulty within the "Capture The Packet" network traffic.

Clues describing how to complete each challenge will be contained within the traffic. Contest consists of a preliminary round and a final round. Prizes to be given for the 1st-3rd place winners.