Capabilities Statement

Our core competency is to provide hands on training for offensive and defensive cybersecurity. We take clients beyond check box and tool dependent thinking, and help keep their skills sharp so they can always be mission ready. We bring to our customers extensive and pioneering security knowledge. Our system is an industry tested skill building training suite which allows your training team to be ready for any threat. 

Capture The Packet (CTP) offers a user-friendly interface, capable of expanding challenges suitable for key users, or entire teams. We have training available for major threats, obscure tactics, and everything in between. Our reporting capabilities can offer you a granular look at your teams real world competency, as well as give you detailed analysis for improving your team members’ weak spots/challenges. CTP has ready, out of the box capabilities, is portable and doesn’t require the long approval/accreditation delays of most solutions as it never needs to be hooked to your network; it’s completely self-contained. It allows you to test your team against live threats, evaluate offensive and defensive abilities, and have an actionable growth strategy from day one of rolling out the suite. 

Aries Security was founded in 2008 by Brian Markus to provide Security Research, Education, and Awareness Worldwide. Mr. Markus has over 25 years in the Cyber Security world. He has worked with major defense contractors such as Raytheon and Aerojet Rocketdyne where he served as a CISO.  Capture The Packet (CTP) was originally created by Markus and colleagues in 2002 as part of a competition for DEF CON (World's largest hacker convention). Since then, Aries Security has continued to enhance and update the system to meet the ever changing need to stay current with the threat environment. Most recently, at the request of DoD, the system was thoroughly evaluated at numerous DoD Cyber events and found to exceed the expectations of users.