Aries Security was founded in 2008 to provide Security Research, Education and Awareness worldwide.

Headquarters –1226 King Street –Wilmington, DE 19801, USA 
(302) 365-0026

The Name

Once we decided to take all our projects to fruition and start a company, the next question was the issue of our name. 

In choosing one, we had several specific criteria: it had to be simple, easy to remember, and pay homage to our original project, the Wall of Sheep.  

After several ideas and attempts at word-smithing, we ultimately decided on ‘Aries'.  This fit nicely with our roots in the hacker community and brings to mind characteristics of the ram— driven, fearless leaders of their pack of sheep. When combined with our core focus, the choice was made— Aries Security. 

The rest, as they say, is history.   

-Brian Markus


Brian Markus - President & CEO

  • Over 25 years as an IT Security Professional 
  • Past CISO for major Aerospace & Defense Contractor
  • CISSP, PGP, NSA-IAM, ITIL, Six Sigma Certified 
  • Speaker & Event Organizer (DEF CON, Packet Hacking Village, BlackHat, Raytheon, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Toorcon, LayerOne, SparkleCon, NH/A ISAC, DIB, I/ITSEC, Hacker Halted) 

Joseph Mlodzianowski - VP & CTO

  • 25 year veteran of the computer industry
  • CCIE, CISSP, CEH, ITIL, McAfee CSNA, NSA/IEM/IAM, Novell CNE, IS-00317, IACET Certified
  • Speaker & Event Organizer (DEF CON, Packet hacking Village, BlackHat, Cisco NSO, Hacker Halted)
  • Published BotNet Researcher/Investigator
  • Well Known SCADA Control Systems Researcher